Saga Global Finacorp Ltd. is a tied agent of II Zagora Finacorp AD and can invite clients to enter into transactions as well as accept and deliver orders to clients.

Saga Global Finacorp Ltd. has been authorized by the FSC to be a tied agent of an investment intermediary and has the right to provide and perform for remuneration on behalf and under the full and unconditional responsibility of the Investment intermediary the following investment services and activities:

  • offering financial instruments;

  • inviting clients to enter into transactions;

  • acceptance and transmission of orders by customers;

  • providing investment advisers to clients or potential clients through transactions with financial instruments or providing advice on the services offered by the investment intermediary by persons holding an investment advisory certificate;

  • consultancy and brokerage services for which no license or permit is required;

Types of orders:

  • The orders most often received are market orders. In this case, the Customer has received sufficient information in advance to make a decision as to whether to enter into a transaction at a market price. In this case, when executing the received market order, the II buys or sells from the client the amount of allowances of the respective maturity at the current market price;
  • There are also the so-called limit and stop-limit orders. In these cases, the client has a pending strategy because he expects the market to go in a certain direction or wants to shield himself from movement in the opposite direction than expected.

    For example, if the Customer wants to buy quotas at a price below the current market price, he can give a limit order for a certain price. This order is placed on the Exchange by the II and is expected to be executed. If he wants to ensure against a move up, he can at the same time give a stop-limit order that becomes active only if the stop level is reached.

    Stop orders are designed to limit the risk of loss in an open position and are used in active trading.

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