Exchange trading through a licensed Investment Intermediary

    -  Zagora Finacorp JSC and its affiliated agent Saga Global Finacorp Ltd. offer access to stock exchange trading to their clients by offering them the possibility to fill orders on the most liquid EUAs market - The ICE.

    -  With the signing of the contract for entering into transactions with financial instruments, the II opens a client's trading account, which can hold cash and assets.

    -   After this stage, the tied agent Saga Global Finacorp Ltd. provides information to the client on price movements, explains the parameters of the offered financial transactions, accepts orders and transmits them for the execution of the II, coordinates the communication with the client.

    -   For each transaction executed on client's order, the II sends a statement. At the beginning of the next business day, the client receives a daily statement of the status of their client account based on all transactions made, cash balance and quotas available.

    -   The customer has the ability to hold open long-term positions for the purchase / sale of futures contracts on the respective traded maturities of the ICE Exchange.

    -   The client has the ability to close and open positions on the exchange only subject to special conditions for trading on foreign markets.

    -   The customer has the ability to hedge its buyout needs for all traded maturities until 2023, giving clarity and predictability in the company's strategy